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Free Report Builder

  • No Charge
  • No Sign-up
  • No Installs

  • Benefits

  • Swift - 60 seconds report
  • Simple - 3 Step process
  • Secure - No data required

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Reporting Services 2000
  • Reporting Services 2005
  • Reporting Services 2008

  • Features

  • Dozens of templates
  • Add your own logo
  • Portrait and Landscape
  • Report Parameters
  • Column Grouping
  • Column Sums
  • Column Sorting

  • Recommended
    Express Reporting is a rapid report builder which produces Microsoft Reporting Services reports ready to deploy

    Step One

    Setup the scheme using our handy SQL script GO
    Step Two

    Configure your report and its features
    Step Three

    Choose your layout from dozens of options and download the finished report

    With the Express Reporting Report Builder, you can produce a great looking professional report within 60 seconds... dont belive it? See the demo video or try it!

    How does it work?

    The Express Reporting report builder is broken into three simple steps:
  • Step 1 - Provide scheme details of your report with a handy pre-written SQL SELECT statement.
  • Step 2 - Configure the data columns you want to present, group*, sum and filter on.
  • Step 3 - Choose from a variety of report styles then download (or deploy*) the report file.

  • *Features under construction during BETA phase

    How secure is it?

    The Express Reporting service never connects to your data, so you dont have any security issues.  You are provided with a small and safe SELECT statement to run in Query Analyser which produces a result set that tells the report builder about the structure of your data, you then simply paste the result set into this the Express Reporting report builder and click next.  That's it. No connection string. No credentials. No hassel.

    All this for free - what's the catch?

    Absolutly no catch. No charge. No registration. No installs. A gift from one IT Professional to the Developer community.